Adam will perform a unique on-night-only concert/theatre piece with the Hungarian band 'Szakertok' at the LaMaMa ETC. As part of the Hungary Live Festival, the first Hungarian Theater Festival in New York, 'Searching Hands' will have its US premiere. George Konrád, the writer of the text of this special ‘concert theatre’ is one of the well-known figures of contemporary Hungarian literature. Konrád’s prose begins at that notorious Wannsee Conference, where cool, calm and sober gentleman decide the fate of the European Jews and their actual destruction. Konrád seeks the answers to the questions: how do we become killers of our own kind? What brings a man to destroy another? Meanwhile he shares stories about his childhood: how he witnessed, as the sky first became grey in his hometown, then turned black and how obscurities, peculiar coincidences, timings, travels back and forth, saved his life eventually, while his relatives almost became victims of that dark age. In this special ‘concert-theater’ Adam Boncz and the Szakértok ('Experts') Band’s concert talk about time, history, like a storyteller reminding the audience of the importance to remember.